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Why Bloggers Struggle with Google AdSense Earnings

Why Bloggers Struggle with Google AdSense Earnings

In today's world, almost all bloggers aim to earn more money by placing AdSense ads on their blogs, as it is currently the best source of income for bloggers. However, most new bloggers need help to earn well from Google AdSense. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss Why Bloggers Struggle with Google AdSense Earnings.

The purpose of this post is not to demotivate any blogger but rather to guide you by presenting the truth. If you read this post thoroughly until the end, you can make a good income from AdSense ads.

Many bloggers today do not want to listen to or understand others, which is their personal choice, and not everyone is the same. However, it is important to give others a chance to speak and then express our views.

Actually, earning money from AdSense is not difficult, but it requires deep knowledge about your blog and the Google AdSense publisher network. For example, you need to understand how AdSense works, how its ads appear on your blog, what AdSense CPC is, and what AdSense CTR is.

No webmaster gains all this knowledge in just 2 or 4 months; it requires extensive research, which can take over a year. Unfortunately, new bloggers often do not focus on this, leading to low income from AdSense.

Why Bloggers Struggle with Google AdSense Earnings

Boost Google AdSense Earnings: Avoid These 10 Mistakes

Here are 10 important reasons why you may not be earning well from Google AdSense:

  1. Low AdSense CPC: AdSense provides revenue based on CPC (cost per click). For instance, CPC in India ranges from $0.02 to $0.9, whereas in the US, it can go up to $10. However, if you haven't set international targeting in your search console, the percentage of traffic from the US remains low, affecting your overall CPC.
  2. Low AdSense CTR: CTR (click-through rate) significantly impacts your income. A CTR of 4% means that if an ad unit is displayed 100 times and gets 4 clicks, your CTR is 4%. An optimal CTR can be between 13% and 27%, depending on the type of ad. Low CTR results in low earnings.
  3. Low Traffic: High traffic is crucial for earning well from AdSense. Many bloggers start with just a few posts and get their AdSense accounts approved, but without substantial traffic, ad placements don't generate income. Quality traffic is essential for earning from AdSense and other revenue sources like affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.
  4. Traffic Source: If your blog has high social media traffic but low organic traffic, your AdSense CPC will be lower, reducing your earnings. Organic traffic tends to result in higher CPC.
  5. Traffic Country: If most of your traffic comes from India, your AdSense CPC will be lower compared to traffic from the US. Targeting international audiences can improve your CPC and overall earnings.
  6. Blog Niche: A multi-niche blog typically has a lower CPC. Focusing on a specific niche, like blogging or SEO, can result in better CPC and higher-quality traffic, which boosts earnings.
  7. Advertisement Placement: Proper ad placement is crucial for a good CTR. Research and experiment with ad placements to find the spots that yield the highest clicks. This process can take time and requires ongoing adjustments.
  8. Ads Unit: Using too many ad units can slow down your site and increase the bounce rate, negatively affecting earnings. It's better to use a balanced mix of 2 link ads and 3 text/image ads.
  9. Ad Networks: Avoid using multiple ad networks on the same blog. This can lower your CPC. Stick to one ad network to maximize earnings.
  10. Keywords: Effective keyword research is vital. High-paying keywords strategically placed in your posts can improve AdSense earnings. Avoid focusing solely on trending topics and instead use keywords that offer higher CPC.

Conclusion: To earn well from AdSense, publish content relevant to your blog's niche and continually optimize ad placements. Use high-paying keywords and aim to increase organic traffic, particularly from desktop/laptop users. Apply for AdSense only when your blog reaches at least 1000 page views per day to ensure a steady income. Share this post to help new bloggers navigate their AdSense journey successfully.


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