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Hello friends, first let me introduce myself – my name is Subrata Das, and I enjoy blogging about technology, the internet, and social media marketing.

I have an educational background in IT (Information Technology) Engineering. However, my profession is blogging. I received my engineering degree from Punjab Technical University (PTU) in 2013. My passion for blogging stems from my long-standing interest in computers and internet technology. I started my blogging career in 2013 by writing guest posts and paid posts for other blogs. Then, I created my own blog named News Lekhak. This was my very first blog, which we created in English.

News Lekhak is my blog, which I started because I noticed that some people (especially Indians) have difficulty understanding articles in English. Therefore, I created this blog, News Lekhak, for those individuals whose English might not be very strong but who want to make money online. I believe this blog will be helpful to such people.

Some people ask me for ways to make quick money. I tell them that I cannot provide a way to become rich overnight, but I promise to keep you informed about the methods that I have ample knowledge of.

If you are ready to start blogging, I share the best tips on my News Lekhak blog to help you become a successful blogger, enabling you to earn an impressive income in the future.

If you wish to start your own blog, become your own boss, and change your life with the money earned through blogging, then let’s begin this journey today. News Lekhak is a great place for that.

About News Lekhak
News Lekhak is a blog for blogging lovers where you can easily learn in detail about Blogging, SEO, Advanced Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and making money online. To ensure you don’t miss any articles from News Lekhak, make sure to subscribe to our blog.


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