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Best Hosting Plan: Hostgator Review

Best Hosting Plan: Hostgator Review

Today, in this post, we are going to provide a review of HostGator, based on my personal experience. A few months ago, I purchased a HostGator shared hosting plan and installed a WordPress blog on it. I managed only one blog for about 11 months, during which time it started receiving very good traffic. After that, I created three additional websites on HostGator shared hosting, and while managing them, I did not face any hosting issues.

In this HostGator review, we will share our detailed experience regarding the quality of its server so that you can easily decide whether it will be a good choice for you to purchase its hosting.

Best Hosting Plan: Hostgator Review

Best Hosting Plan: Hostgator Review

We all know that HostGator is an established hosting company with a very good reputation in the online market. A few years ago, they set up servers in India to expand their business and reach the Indian market.

All bloggers benefit greatly from this, as HostGator India's hosting plans are always available at competitive prices compared to other hosting companies.

Before providing technical information about this hosting company, I want to clarify for new bloggers that HostGator is a part of, so don't be confused.

Over the years, the company has made many changes to its services and reliability to stay competitive. Despite these changes, HostGator has consistently maintained the trust of its users.

On a technical note, when I created my first blog on HostGator, it started facing downtime issues after receiving high traffic a few months later. This is a minor issue with this hosting company that I and many other blog owners have noticed. However, this problem is typically seen only on blogs with high traffic; new blogs do not encounter this issue.

Given the affordable pricing of HostGator's shared hosting plans, this downtime can be considered a minor issue. These plans are available at cheap rates, allowing new bloggers in the USA to manage their investments easily and earn money online by launching their websites or blogs on a low budget. When blog traffic increases and downtime issues start to occur, you can move your blog to another hosting company. This strategy allows you to minimize initial investments in expensive hosting plans. This approach is what many smart bloggers adopt.

Is HostGator Hosting Best for New Blogs?

For any new blogger, spending a lot of money on hosting can be a significant challenge. Newbies often find it difficult to invest heavily in hosting because it is not feasible to earn from a new blog for about six months due to low web traffic. Building blog traffic takes time.

However, HostGator's shared hosting plan is very affordable compared to other hosting companies and can easily manage the low traffic of new blogs without any issues. This makes HostGator hosting an excellent choice for low-traffic or new blogs. It has become the first choice for new bloggers by offering plans at cheap rates.

HostGator's shared hosting is very popular due to its low price. In addition to shared hosting, HostGator also offers Windows Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Each plan has different features that depend on your website's requirements.

Which Hosting Plan to Buy from HostGator for a New Blog?

If you want to purchase a hosting plan for a new self-hosted WordPress blog and manage one or more blogs on the same hosting in the future, starting with HostGator's shared hosting plan is perfect for your blogging career. You can host multiple WordPress blogs without needing to spend additional money.

When you start facing site downtime due to high traffic on a blog, you can upgrade to a VPS plan from another hosting company and move your blog there. This is advisable because by then, you will likely be earning a good income from the blog, which makes it easier to afford a VPS plan from a reputable hosting company.

If you're wondering which hosting company's VPS plan to buy to solve site downtime issues, I recommend Bluehost's VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan. It is reasonably priced and provides high-quality service.

HostGator Support

HostGator is a highly respected brand because it provides excellent support for its users. The support team offers valuable solutions immediately whenever a user faces any problem. The best part is that HostGator's support team is available 24/7 and can assist in multiple languages. The company also offers a live chat facility for user support. If you prefer to contact them by phone, HostGator India can be reached at 1800-209-8833, and you can speak in Hindi.

When I used HostGator's server for my blogs, I once faced a site downtime issue. I contacted the support team, and they responded quickly, traced, and fixed the issue. The support was truly awesome.

However, just a month ago, a blogger's new site went offline. He contacted me for help, and I suggested he contact HostGator's support team. He told me that they had advised him to contact his web developer, citing a misconfiguration problem they could not fix.

In this situation, I offered to help for a fee, and the blogger agreed. I took their hosting and WordPress credentials and decided to contact HostGator's support team first to understand the actual problem. However, the technical support member, a female, clearly stated that the issue was due to a misconfiguration on the user's site and WordPress dashboard, which they could not fix. She suggested hiring a web developer for the solution. I was shocked by this response from such a reputable hosting company's technical support staff.

I investigated the problem myself and fixed it within five minutes. The site and dashboard were back online and working perfectly.

This was the first negative experience I had with HostGator's support team while working for a paid client. I had never expected this from the HostGator brand. This was the reality of my experience with their support team.

HostGator Shared Hosting Features

HostGator offers a variety of features in its shared hosting plans, including:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • FTP and Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin access
  • cPanel
  • Web-Based File Manager
  • Website Builder Tool with approximately 4,000 free website templates and themes
  • Over 50 free one-click installed scripts
  • AWStats, Raw Log Manager, Webalizer, Referrer, and Error Logs
  • Password-Protected Directories
  • Custom Error Pages
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Video Tutorials and Articles for Online Support

HostGator India Shared Hosting Plans

HostGator India offers three shared hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

Hatchling Plan:

  • Single Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate

Baby Plan:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate

Business Plan:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Private SSL Certificate and IP

Why is HostGator Shared Hosting Good for Bloggers?

HostGator is among the top 10 web hosting companies, hosting over 10 million domains. Its servers have a 99.9% uptime, which is crucial for any website. Additionally, HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to get a refund if they are not satisfied within this period.

Is HostGator the Best for Bloggers?

If your blog targets Indian traffic, hosting it on HostGator’s Indian servers can significantly improve its loading speed and Alexa rank compared to hosting it on US servers. HostGator offers various payment options in local currency (INR), and users can pay via Paytm, Netbanking, or Debit/Credit Card, making it accessible even for those without a PayPal account. HostGator also provides support in Hindi, making it easier for non-English speakers to get assistance.


For bloggers who plan to create multiple blogs in the future, the HostGator Baby Plan is the best option. For those who only want to create one blog, the Hatchling Plan is ideal.

How to Buy Hosting from HostGator for Less Money

Despite being an award-winning hosting company, HostGator offers its plans at competitive rates. To get an even better deal, look out for discount coupons that HostGator offers periodically.

I hope this HostGator review helps you make a well-informed decision. Which hosting do you use, and what negatives have you experienced with it? Let me know in the comments. If you liked our HostGator review, please share it with your friends on social media. Thank you!


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