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Save AdSense Ads from Fake Clicks with AICP Plugin

Save AdSense Ads from Fake Clicks with AICP Plugin

The biggest problem for almost all bloggers is that their account gets suspended due to fake clicks on AdSense ads on the website. If your fake clicks are not monitored at the right time, then Google disables that publisher account. But now no one will be able to do click bombing on your ads because the AICP (Adsense invalid click protector) plugin will completely protect your AdSense from fake clicks. In this post, we are going to give complete information about how to save AdSense from being suspended with the AICP plugin.

If your blog is built on WordPress, then you no longer need to take the tension of fake clicks on Adsense, because now your account will be fully protected by the Adsense Invalid Click Protector plugin, so your AdSense account will not be suspended.

Save AdSense Ads from Fake Clicks with AICP Plugin

How does the AICP plugin prevent an AdSense account from being suspended?

The full name of this plugin is AdSense Invalid Clicks Protector, which protects your ads from fraudulent clicks. But it is very important to make proper settings. Which we will tell you about further.

When a reader comes to a website and clicks, it blocks his IP address according to the AICP plugin settings and stops showing ads on his browser.

For this, we set in the settings how many times a visitor can click on AdSense ads, that is, set the limit of clicking, and if someone clicks more than that, then the ads of AdSense stop showing.

In this, we also make settings for cookies, in which we set how many hours that click bomber has to block for AdSense ads.

As soon as that set time is completed, the AICP plugin also automatically unblocks that IP address, after which ads start showing to that IP user again.

If you want, you can also manually remove any blocked IP from the unblock or blacklist. In real life, this AICP plugin has solved a very big problem for all of us bloggers. So let us now tell you about the settings of the Adsense Invalid Click Protector plugin.

How do AICP plugin settings stop fake clicks?

If there is a problem with invalid clicks on AdSense ads on your blog, then you can stop fake clicks by following the steps mentioned and also save your AdSense account from being suspended.


First, open your WordPress dashboard.

Now you have to install the AICP plugin on your blog and activate it. If you want, you can download this plugin by clicking here.

If you are new to WordPress and do not know how to install plugins, then you can learn by clicking on this link.


Now click on Adsense Invalid Click Protector.

Set the ad-click limit to 2.

Keep 3 in the Click Counter Cooke Expiration Time (default: 3 hours).

Set the Visitor Ban Duration (default: 7 days) to 7.

Do you want to use the IP-API Pro key? Click on No.


If you want to hide your ads from the traffic of a specific country, then you can. If my site provides content in Hindi, then Russian traffic is not important, and most of the traffic is spam traffic, so displaying your AdSense ads can be harmful.

Do you want to block showing ads for some specific countries? Click on Yes.

Now click on the ISO ALPHA-2 Country Codes of the country for which you want to block ads and copy the ISO ALPHA-2 Country Codes from the list of codes. For example, I have blocked Russian traffic whose ISO ALPHA-2 country codes are RU.

Banned Country List: Put ISO ALPHA-2 Country Codes (comma separated) and paste ISO ALPHA-2 Country Codes.

Now save all the settings by clicking on the Save Changes button.

Now you have completed the settings of the AICP plugin, but right now it will not be able to protect AdSense ads from fake clicks on your website. To make it fully functional, you have to add the shortcode of the AICP plugin to the AdSense code of all your ad units.

If you use the Ad Injection plugin to add AdSense code to your blog, then you will use code like this:

So in this way, you can protect your AdSense account from being suspended by fake clicking by setting the AICP (Invalid Click Protector) plugin.

I hope that you have also done the AICP plugin settings correctly in your WordPress blog so that there will be no problem of invalid clicks on your ads and your AdSense account will not be suspended due to click bombings. If you have any questions related to this post, then you can ask by commenting, and if you like this post, then share it with your social media friends as much as possible.


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