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How to Save AdSense from Invalid Clicks: A Complete Guide

How to Save AdSense from Invalid Clicks: A Complete Guide

Today's post is handy for those who earn by using Google AdSense ads on their blog. Because very often, AdSense becomes disabled due to invalid click activity on the blog. The biggest problem is that preventing such fake clicks has been left only to the webmaster or blog owner. Google has not provided any facility to stop fraudulent clicks on ads. So now you do not have to be tense because now we are going to tell you How to prevent fake clicks on AdSense ads or how to prevent AdSense from being disabled due to fake clicks.

Especially for Indian bloggers, the biggest problem is that their AdSense account gets suspended just because a visitor clicks fraud on their ads. Maybe some people also have a question in their mind: what are these invalid clicks? First of all, let's know a little about them.

How to Save AdSense from Invalid Clicks

What are invalid clicks in Google Adsense?

When a visitor comes to a blog and AdSense ads are installed on that blog, if that user intentionally clicks on those ads repeatedly or many times quickly, then such clicks are called fake or fraudulent clicks.

Such invalid clicks are against Google AdSense policy. If such clicks on a website are repeatedly done on Google Ads, then the AdSense team blocks that account, and ads stop showing on that website.

Now you must be wondering why a visitor does this, Then let me tell you that there are all kinds of people in this online world, Some people are very good and support you, and there are some who always harm you and make you feel happier themselves.

This means some people are trying to be happy by bothering you. Some people fake clicking on those ads to disable your Google AdSense, this is also called click bombing. By the way, I have written a separate post about it, which can be read, What is an invalid click activity, and how to identify it?

Why does AdSense become disabled due to invalid clicks?

  1. If someone clicks invalid, then Google finds it easily because he uses the user IP for tracking and can also use the Mac address.
  2. If someone clicks on Google Ads repeatedly from the same computer or mobile device, meaning from the same IP address, then the AdSense team understands that these fake or invalid clicks have happened.
  3. When there are invalid clicks on a website, its AdSense CTR suddenly increases a lot, and the Google AdSense account becomes disabled due to the IP address being the same.
  4. Sometimes, due to these invalid clicks, the account is suspended for only a few days, but most fake clicks are disabled forever.
  5. If your account is suspended for 30 or 60 days, then there is not much tension because after 30 or 60 days the AdSense Account is Reactivated and the ads on your blog start appearing again, but in the meantime, you definitely get income loss.
  6. If AdSense is permanently disabled due to invalid clicks, then you have to reapply AdSense for your site after a few days and can get approval for the same site again.
  7. But if you Self-click to earn high earnings, then your account is suspended for the first time and can be reactivated again. But if you deliberately repeat this mistake again and again, then AdSense is not disabled, and directly, your domain is blocked.
  8. AdSense blacklists any domain, then you cannot put AdSense ads on it again. If you do anything, then the ads will not be shown, only blank spaces will appear.
  9. So always keep in mind that when you are doing some work on your blog, Google Ads should not be clicked by mistake; otherwise, they will be self-clicked, which is against the policy.
  10. But if you ever get a click by mistake, do not close that ad immediately, but keep it open for 15–20 seconds or keep watching it.
  11. If you do this, then the CPC of that ad will be counted in real-time, which means the money from that click will be added to your account and AdSense will not be disabled.

But this does not mean that you start using that mistake as a trick to make a good income; otherwise, the AdSense Account is fixed to be disabled.

If you accidentally click on your ads and close them soon due to fear, then your AdSense will not be disabled due to that click, but it will not get money.

How can you prevent AdSense from being disabled due to a fake click?

Now you have understood the disadvantages of invalid clicks and self-clicks. Now the problem here is that the visitors who make fake clicks on AdSense ads, due to which AdSense becomes disabled, how to stop it?

  1. If a visitor clicks on your website's AdSense ads, then your AdSense account will not be disabled due to invalid click activity.
  2. But for this, you have to install the plugin on your WordPress blog and configure it correctly. Whose name is AICP (AdSense Invalid Click Protector).
  3. The AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin has great features that can be set correctly to track the IP address that clicks fraud, and AdSense ads for that IP user stop showing on his browser.
  4. This means that AdSense ads will be blocked for the person who is making invalid clicks, and the time you set in the plugin will not show on that user's computer or mobile device before that time.

In this, you also set the limit of clicks on ads by visitors so that when a reader clicks more than that, his IP address will be blocked. So this is a great plugin, which solved the problem of AdSense being disabled due to the click bombing of all bloggers.

If you do not know how to do the settings of the AICP plugin correctly, then, read the post with AICP plugin settings, following which you will easily make the best settings.

So now I think you must have understood How to avoid AdSense being disabled due to invalid clicks. If you found this information useful, then share it with your blogger friends on social media and guide them too. And to get new posts on your email address for free, subscribe to this blog.


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