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How to Make Money from Telegram: Effective Strategies and Tips

How to Make Money from Telegram: Effective Strategies and Tips

Did you know that you can earn money from Telegram? If you are unaware of this, today’s article “How to Earn Money from Telegram App” will be quite informative for you. You might already know how to make money from other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Similarly, you can easily earn money using this new messaging app.

If you don’t know what Telegram App is, you can read our article written about Telegram. However, I would like to give you a brief overview here: 

Telegram App is one of the most popular applications. Like WhatsApp, Telegram App is also a messaging app. It offers a variety of features including Groups, Channels, Bots, Stickers, and more.

Although there are many ways to monetize Telegram Channels, in today’s article, we will focus on the most popular and easily doable methods. So, without any delay, let’s get started and learn about some methods to earn money from Telegram.

How to Make Money from Telegram

How to Make Money from Telegram

If you want to know how to make money from Telegram, we will introduce you to methods through which you can earn substantial money from your Telegram Channels.

Even though these methods are quite well-known, not being able to use them correctly might be the reason you are not earning money from your channels despite wanting to. So, let’s learn how to use these methods properly to make money from Telegram.

Selling Ads

This is a very popular option, especially in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and India, where ads are sold on Telegram Channels. Let's understand what exactly is sold.

  • Cross-promotion of other channels
  • To companies and brands

Often, ads are sold p2p (channel admins first make contact and then settle it through an agreement), but there are many automated ad exchanges where ads are sold.

Charging a Subscription Fee

A very popular model for a paid subscription service used on Telegram works as follows. It mainly consists of two parts:

  • Public channel with a large follower base
  • Private channel (or a supergroup) providing premium content (available only to paid subscribers)

In this model, the public channel is promoted more (using ads, cross-promotions, content marketing, and other strategies), while the private channel actually generates profit.

Through Donations

If you are a content creator and create content for free, you can monetize that content by selling ads, paid subscriptions, or through donations.

In this model, you allow your followers to either tip you after each publication or set up a recurring donation through Patreon.

The tipping practice is quite popular on other platforms like YouTube, Blogs, Websites, WeChat, etc. It is gradually becoming popular on Telegram as well.

Selling Products and Services

Paid subscriptions are one of many things you can sell through your Telegram Channel. Basically, you can sell any product or service. Let's understand through examples:

A freelance designer runs a popular Telegram channel sharing design tips and monetizes it by selling gigs.

An education portal runs an educational Telegram channel through tutorials and courses, selling courses to subscribers.

A toy brand runs a Telegram channel related to toys (videos, reviews, unboxing, etc.) and monetizes by selling toys.

Just like running a public page on social media, there are many options available for marketers and brand owners.

Selling Third-Party Products and Services

This is quite similar to the previous model. But in this case, you sell third-party products or services.

For example, some Telegram channels focus on sneaker deals. They monitor online sneaker shops (which can be automated), and if the price of these sneakers drops significantly, they publish a post on their channel using an affiliate link to that product.

Raising Funds

Here, I want to give a real example. A guy from Canada conducted an interesting experiment on Telegram. He made an announcement to create a pool for TON (Telegram Open Network) investors in his tech channel and raised about $1.5M (in the form of applications, not real money transfers) within 1.5 hours.

How to make money from the internet

He then posted that there was no such pool—he just wanted to check if he could raise money this way.

This experiment was completely successful! It revealed that you can do a lot through technology and social interactions.

Paid Posts

This is similar to selling ads, but in this case, almost 100% of your posts are paid.

It might sound a bit strange. A good example is niche job boards. These job boards exist in the form of Telegram channels, allowing you to post a job for a fixed fee.

Initially, these job boards take content from other websites to post on their channel to grow their audience. Later, they get offers for paid posts because they have a niche-based audience.

Using Link Shortener Services

If you are publishing a post containing a link, you can shorten those links using a link shortener and publish them on your Telegram Channel. This way, when a visitor clicks on your link, they see ads before reaching the actual content, which earns good money for publishers or channel owners.

These days, WhatsApp status videos photos, and movies are in high demand, so you can go to a good website, shorten the video link, and post it on your channel to earn a decent income.

Referring Recharge Apps

You will find many apps that give you some referral money if you refer them to others. This is called Refer & Earn.

With this, you can earn Paytm and Free recharge, and you can transfer the money to your bank account from Paytm, or you can use it for free recharges.

If you consider all the monetization options we mentioned, you can easily make money from Telegram Channels. With the right strategy and a little patience, you can make money from your Telegram channels while sitting at home.

What Did You Learn Today?

I hope you liked my article on how to make money from Telegram. I always aim to provide readers with complete information on how to make money from Telegram, so they don’t need to search for it on other sites or the internet.

This saves their time, and they get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or want some improvements, you can write comments below.

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